Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Dominican Master

I never did a interview before, this is very special for me as a Fashion Blogger and personally. I never thought that I was going to have a interview with this amazing and wonderful person the one and only the Dominican designer Sully Bonnelly.
I wanted to have a interview with Sully not just because I am Dominican, I wanted to have this interview with Sully because I'm personally a huge fan of his work,
and I want to share with you this amazing interview very interesting and fun. I hope you guys enjoy this
interview as I did.


Question: My first question is, how are you?
Answer: I am great! Love my work and enjoy
life as much I as can.

Q: How you describe your style as a designer?
A: I design happy clothes! For me is important that
I design practical clothes for any occasions.

Q: What inspire you when you are designing?
A: I find inspiration in everything and every place.
I was born in and raised in Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic, when I design my thoughts
 always go back to my early years not to copy or
 bring back the past but to tap in to the essence
in who I am as a designer.

Q: Can you tell me about your experience in
Oscar de la Renta?
A: Oscar de la Renta was my first job in Fashion in
New York, it was the first person that I visit for a
job interview and was very surprised that I got that
job as junior assistant.

Working directly with Oscar was the best experience
that anyone as a young Fashion designer could have.
Sully's designs
I got exposed to the best and that was very exciting,
I consider Oscar de la Renta my mentor.

Q: How you feel being part of the CFDA?
A: I am very honored to be part of the CFDA, one
of the most prestigious organization in Fashion world.
To be part of a group of designers considered the
best in their field.

CFDA has a great many Latin American designers
including some of the best like Oscar de la Renta,
Carolina Herrera and Narciso Rodriguez.

Q: As a Dominican, what do you think personally
of Dominican Fashion?
A: "Dominican Fashion" has come as long way
since the days I lived in Santo Domingo (moved
to New York to study at Parsons School of design
in 1980) I believe that there is an extraordinary amount
of talent in the Dominican Republic in the Fashion
world, I also believe that the most successful ones
are the ones that understand the market and feed
them their needs with out trying to be somenthing
they are not.

Q: What do you thing of the new emerging designers?
A: I love many of the new emerging designers because
they take risk and that is the best to do it when you
are starting out. My dream is to see many more
Dominican names in the international fashion world.

Q: Can you describe your personal style?
A: My style is undestanted classic with a touch of my
own, like I like to wear white Levi's jeans all year
round and I love my Vans, I most have 30 different
pairs some of them are custom design.

Q: Do you have any favorite designer or a favorite
fashion brand?
A: I admire many designer and brands, too many to

Q: How would be a day in Sully Bonnelly life?
A: 6:30 Am: wake-up.
7:00 Am: gym with a trainer 4 times in the week.
9:00 Am: I read the New York Times.
9:30 Am: I read my emails.
10:30 Am: I work on the collections or projects.
1:00 Pm: Lunch, usually in the studio with my
2:00 Pm: more emails, collection...
6:15 Pm: dinner at my favorite restaurant.
8:00 Pm: a performace around town, as New
York City has the best performances like Opera,
Ballet, Broadway, off Broadway...
10:30 Pm: internet fun like TED, lectures and
11:30 Pm: I watch TV Goden Girls.
12:00 Am: sleep.

Q: Do you  have favorite perfume?
A: John Varvatos, all of the Varvatos fragances
by a friend Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

Q: Why you choose to be a fashion designer
than a architecture?
A: I love the speed of fashion.

Q: Can you tell me about your experience
working for house like Bill Blass, Eli  Tahari
and Isaac Mizrahi?
A: Today I can count them as marvelous
experiences in my profesional life! To be
able to say that I worked  closed with these
marvelous designers, is a great accomplishment
and I recommend to any up and coming
designer to get experience from a few fashion

Q: I was watching your portafolio in your
website and all your designs are very colorful,
as a black lover (me) why not black?
A: I love black too but as you know the best
to look black is in person or in a photo
wearing something black when you want to
hide something, black does not always work
to view on line. I LOVE BLACK!!!

Q: Do you have any beauty secrets?
A: Pay attention to what you eat and exfoliate.

Q: what is your favorite movie?
A: Space Odyssey (2001).

Q: Your favorite music?
A: Love music but I can tell you my least
favorites are Reggue and Jazz.

Q: any obsession?
A: Perfection!

Q: last question, when you gonna bring to
Dominican Republic your last collection to
Dominicana Moda, I mean your last collaboration
with Jumbo last year was a success, everything
was sold out, so my question would be if there
any possibility to see a collaboration with a big
store or bring your own collection?
A: I am doing some fantastic projects, something
I never done before for the next year and they
are going to be seen in Dominican Republic.

Jamil: Thank you Sully for giving me this oportunity to have this interview with you, it is a huge honor for me.
Sully: Jamil thank you very much for thinking of me for this interview, it was a pleasure and fun!

If you wanna know more about Sully Bonnelly go to his website