Saturday, November 15, 2014

Isaac Raymond: The brilliant Mind

I would like to introduce you guys this young  british designer that I met via Twitter (ins't that crazy?). I met Isaac when he followed my Twitter account (@JamilCedenoC) few months ago, I read his Bio and I saw that he was a designer from United Kingdom, I'm a very curious person so I went to his website I saw his work, and I immediately said "This guy have talent and potential to be a huge fashion designer worldwide". I  immediately emailed him to interview him. 

I hope you guys enjoy this interview as I did.

Question: How and when you started to design?
Answer: I started designing in 2010 when I was 12. I was inspired to start designing when I saw American pop artist Lady Gaga performing at the 2010 Video Music awards on TV. It was her outrageous and amazing fashion sense that grabbed me. I was also very inspired by designer Alexander McQueen.

Q: From where come your inspiration?
A: I am very inspired by the world around me. Things like the human body, nature, space, Art, Performance art, music, other designers, different cultures and a wide variety of other things in life and the mind.

Q: How would you describe your style in fashion?
A: The style of my designs are strong, fierce, powerful, intricate and couture Alien! I will always keep my garments as dramatic and elegant as possible - that is the perfect hybrid for me and my designs.

Q: As a british how would you describe british fashion?
A: There are so many different areas of British fashion but overall it's bold, one of a kind and fun!

Q: You considere yourself as a emerging designer or stablished designer?

I like to think I am an emerging British designer. I hope I can make a difference with my work.

Q: I read in your website that your brand has been inspired by influences such as Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Donatella Versace and Hussein Chalayan. I wanna know why they inspire you? because each of them are very different
A: I am really inspired by a wide variety of music icons and designers as I love working with a range of different fabrics and styles to create my vision of the garment. I find I discover inspiration everywhere.    

Q: If you could dress someone, who would be and why?
A: It would be an absolute dream to dress Lady Gaga. As she is such an inspiration to me and my work and she is such an incredible artist and person!

Q: What do you expect of Isaac Raymond in the future in fashion world?
A: Over the next 5 years I want to grow as a designer and explore more abstract areas of art and fashion to bring them together. Also, I want to expand my brand work with a variety of designers and people in the fashion world to make my brand become bigger and more successful. So that one day everyone will know the brand name Isaac Raymond.

Q: Do you have any favorite fashion house or a favorite designer?
A: Alexander McQueen is definitely my biggest inspiration as he was such a talented and one of a kind designer. I love the way he transforms the human body using fashion. I also love Thierry Mugler as he is such a remarkable and ground breaking designer. His use of transforming the body using clothes is one of my favorite things about Thierry.

Q: What is your biggest desire in fashion?
A: To create garments that transform the body and to make the woman wearing my garments feel strong and powerful. I want change the world with creativity through my fashion. 

Q: Do you have obsession?

A: Fashion is my lover and my obsession.

Q: Black or white?

Q: As a younger designer how you feel in the place you are in fashion?
A: I feel I am constantly growing as a designer and in the years to come I want to experiment more and more with my designs by using different techniques, metals and inventing new ways to create a garment.

Last question, to the young and emerging designer what would you tell them as a advice? 
A: You have a talent, you have a dream and you have life - use it wisely. Always be true to your self, never give up on your dream no matter what people say to you because you are unique and the world needs you to make a difference with your designs. Always work your hardest and always try new things. 

If you wanna know more about Isaac Raymond go to his website and check his work